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Tuba Sonata

Duration: c. 8 minutes






Publisher: MEM


Programme Notes:

The work is designed as a recital piece and is as concise in structure as the composer deemed possible. Cast in a single movement there are three independent 'mood' sections each of a contrasting nature. Mood 1 (Agitato) opens the work with a 'fanfare' style motif followed by a 'tango' subject. These alternate until Mood 2 (Delicato) is reached and a much more expressive quality emerges. Mood 1 returns briefly to be followed by a return of the Mood 2 material. This then leads into a new, and once only played, Mood 3 (Tranquillo – misterioso) in which the solo instrument is muted. The work closes with Mood 1 plus an additional coda/cadenza finale section which exhausts the 'tango' properties. The work has a tonal centre of F (it certainly begins and ends on that pitch) though moves around on a pair of related note rows, one aggressive, the other mild to provide contrasts based on classical sonata principles. As a closing comment, the tango property was included not just because I wanted a more familiar aspect to be present and something which audiences could relate to but, mischievously, because the work's dedicatee is married to a dancer, albeit a Brazilian and not an Argentinian!


The first performance of this work was given by James Gourlay (tuba) in the Bruckner Haus, Linz, Austria on 29th June 2012 as part of the International Tuba/Euphonium Conference. 


James Gourlay also gave the US premiere with Siu Yan Luk (piano) in the Ford Hall, Ithaca College, School of Music, on 19th April 2013 as part of the North East Regional Tuba & Euphonium Conference.



Solo Tuba



Performance Notes:


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